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Latigo Front Shoulder Mixed Tanned - Burgundy

Latigo Front Shoulder Mixed Tanned - Burgundy

SKU: LLC-P00312

Aniline: the leather finished in this way is characterized by the most natural look and quality. Only the finest kinds of leather coming from the best choices of raw are suitable for this processing. Pros: natural look, top quality.


Tanning: Mixed Tanning (Chrome + Vegetable)

Thickness: 1.8-2.0mm (Approximately)

Available Colour: Burgundy

Dye: Completely Passing Through

Avarage Size:  14 sq. ft or 1.3 sq.meter Approximately (Every hide will be slightly different in size)

Temper: Hard

Grade: Second grade, be awared that the hide will have marks or stains on.

Uses: Belts, bags.


Please note: Leather is a natural material and may come with scarring and other natural imperfections!!!

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