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Adjustable Belt Strap Professional Cutter Walnut Handle

Adjustable Belt Strap Professional Cutter Walnut Handle

SKU: LLC-P00235

Replacement Blades:


Adjustable Belt Strap Professional Cutter with Walnut Handle.


Material: walnut handle,  brass hardware


  • This belt cutter is suitable for cutting strips up to around 6.5 cm wide. Made with North American walnut wood, easy to use, after some practice, you can cut straps perfectly in the desired width. Two crossbars firmly hold most weights of leather.
  • If the leather is 4 mm in thickness, adjust the crossbars to 4.5-5 mm for better cutting. The principle of setting the spacing of the crossbars is slightly larger than the leather thickness but not too much. Before cutting, make sure the two crossbars are parallel, you can adjust 3 brass screws to achieve this.


  • For stiff or thickness over 5 mm types of leather, you may have a hard time using this tool. There might be a 0.4 mm tolerance of cutting width. This is due to the thickness of the blade and the tension of the leather.
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