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Leather Craft Tool Mini Hole Punch Set 7 Sizes

Leather Craft Tool Mini Hole Punch Set 7 Sizes

Japanese Mini Hole Punch Set with 7 sizes in.


The punches come in the following sizes:

4.5mm / 5.0mm / 5.5mm / 6.0mm / 6.5mm / 7.0mm / 8.0mm

It has interchangeable punches that are screwed onto the handle, compact and sturdy, this set is great for punching holes in leather crafting.

    Each punch is heat-treated for maximum hardness and durability, the tough handle is capable of absorbing blows from a hammer and this kit also comes with two Allen keys to assist in tightening and loosening the punches to the handle.

    How to use:

    Simply screw the desired punch onto the handle securely, hold the handle so the blade is on the material you wish to cut and strike the handle with a soft headed hammer or mallet until the desired hole is fully cut.


    Weight: 150g

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