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Professional Leather Craft Since Skiving Knife

Professional Leather Craft Since Skiving Knife

SKU: LLC-P00104

Professional Stainless Steel Since Leather Craft Skiving Knife, symmetrical  design, perfect for both right and left handed. 



Metal: 440C steel

Handle: Walnut


Size: 16.85cm/L


Blade width: 27mm

Blade Angle: 15 degrees


Knife Maintenance:

1. Please keep it dry from being rusted after used. Metal parts will be rusted if it's put in wet environment for long, you can use sandpaper or rust remove paste to sand it down.

2. When the blade is blunt, you can use knife strop board or metal polishing paste to polish it. If the fore- going method dosen't work, please try grindstone or sandpaper for resharpening.

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