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Toko Pro Burnishing Gum

Toko Pro Burnishing Gum

SKU: LLC-P00197

Toko Pro leather finish burnishing gum. Made in Japan.


Toko Pro is suitable for chrome, vegetable tanned, and combination tanned leather.


This leather edge burnishing gum will help ensure your leathercraft creations achieve their amazing shine and finish while protecting the leather fibers from the usual wear and tear. 


To use this Toko Pro Burnishing Gum, simply apply to your leather's unfinished edge or flesh side evenly, then firmly work into your leather with the use of a burnishing tool until you achieve the desired finish.


Please note, over-application may stain or distort your leather.

We recommend the use of a canvas slicker or glass slicker, leather edge slicker or creaser, or edge slicker.

    PriceFrom $20.50
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