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Vegetable Tanned Oiled Bellies Natural Colour 1.5mm

Vegetable Tanned Oiled Bellies Natural Colour 1.5mm

SKU: LLC-P00315

Vegetable Tanned Oiled Bellies

Tanning: Vegetable Tan

Thickness: 1.5mm (Approx.)

Colour: Natural

Available Size: 10 Sq.foot or 0.9 Sq.meter (Approx.)

Temper: Normal

Leather type: Natural Vegetable, this finishing, also known as "Crust", is characterized by a natural full grain surface that is clearly visible because the skin is left in its natural state without any kind finishing. It can be used in this state or further refined.

Uses: Leather Goods, Bags, Binding, Wallets. This leather is suitable for producing leather bags or purses, totes, luggage, wallets, book bindings, covers, lining and small leather goods in general.

Please note: Leather is a natural material and may come with scarring and other natural imperfections!

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